Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Sitting here, looking at the lights on the tree and the ornaments brightly glowing, reminds me of the many Christmases in the past years and the changes that life can bring. Why it seems like only yesterday.....the kids were so excited that their favorite Christmas shows would be coming on. I remember how they would get the t.v. guide that came through the mail, and circle all of the Christmas shows for the week. They would look at Montgomery Wards catalogues or Sears catalogues that came in the mail and circle the toy's that they were hoping Santa would bring. We would go and pick out a tree.....a couple of times we went to a tree farm and cut our tree down. The kids had fun doing that.......and I remember it being very cold that year. I also remember one year, about a month before Christmas, I went to a nursery where they had trees already cut. Brought the tree home, decorated it and two weeks later the tree had died! I mean DEAD! I had to undecorate the tree, take it back to where I had purchased it and get another one. And so the whole process of redecorating the tree ensued. From what I remember, I was not a very happy person having to repeat that process. Thankfully that never happened again.

We switched to artifical trees.....and had a number of those that we purchased too. I always wanted a huge know, nine feet tall! My husband, the good sport that he was, went along with it. We had that tree for a while, then Kelli confiscated it when she and her girlfriends were apartment living, and we purchased another artifical tree....One a bit smaller, you know.....7 feet tall. And the story goes on and on. Kelli now has that tree 7 foot tree. And I have her tall and skinny looks pretty when it's decorated....but it really doesn't feel like my tree. I don't even know what I mean by that except that I like big trees! She has a big window that my tree(her tree now) fits in perfectly. And I have to say that they decorated the tree just beautifully this year. It look so lovely in their home. Right where it belongs.

I know that it doesn't matter about the size of the trees, cause once they are decorated, all trees are beautiful. The lights, the ornaments and the memories that you make are what really matters. And here we are again this year.....making more
wonderful memories for the grandchildren and our family.

Kelli and the girls get credit for decorating my tree this year. They came over especially to put mom-mom's tree up. And I welcomed them.....appreciating each and every time they hung an ornament. Kelli even baked cookies! More memories for the making....more to come I'm sure!


Sandy said...

I enjoyed reading the whole thing about the trees. We always had a live one, usually from a place we picked it out and they cut it down (two of the kids worked there off and on during Christmas season)..

It was a place up in the hills behind us and you would travel a dirt road to get there and they had a petting zoo. How fun it was back in the day.

Then finally I got an artificial green one at Target a couple years ago. It will do, because I now only put it up for the grandkids, especially Hunt, since he is the only one old enough to really care.

Your tree looks so nice and how great that you had your daughter and grandkids to come and decorate it for you. I have to do my own this year..whine..

I'll probably get it up in a few days.


enjoyed the post a lot.


cat's momma said...

I also enjoyed your post and reading about past trees and what happened to them. Because hannah is so young, we got a small artificial tree that can be set up high in the window seat so we can hold her up to it but keep her from dismantling it. When she's older her mother will let her pick out the family tree just like she did when she was young.

Marsha said...

I really enjoyed your tree stories too. How wonderful that you and Kelli share the trees. I think your tall and skinny one looks pretty elegant and what a fun night to experience with homemade cookies and the girls excitement over helping you decorate. I see Santa must have helped too because he forgot his hat on the chair :-)

Lovely photos!

Nita said...

I think your skinny, shorter-than-nine-feet tree looks beautiful. Thank you for showing us your ornaments too.

I'm not getting a tree this year. I have mine away when my sister lived with me, and we used hers. This year I've put up my familiar decorations, but no tree.

I laughed at how you passed things on to Kelli. Isn't that what mothers do? I know I've passed things on before I was ready, but just because it brought them, daughter, and/or grandaughter so much happiness. Things usually came back to me in a different form. :)

Have a blessed and joyful Christmas.

Nita said... second paragraph "have" should have been "gave". Sorry for the typo. I just had to correct that. lol

dakotablueeyes said...

So pretty, I think I need some new ornaments next year

Wanda said...

Very lovey tree stories. And I love how your tree celebrates life and lights.