Sunday, December 09, 2007


It seems that my timing for arriving home from work usually coincides with the sun setting and I have seen some of the most beautiful sunsets ever. I often will pull over to the side of the road in hopes of capturing these sights.

I think these pictures represent two lovely aspects of our seasons and how the weather can change so quickly. Our first snowfall last week......snowing on the pond. It really just warmed my heart.......gorgeous sunsets one day........snowing the next day!

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cat's momma said...

These are stunning! And the snow pictures...I can almost feel the chill! Beautiful sunset pics!!!

Sandy said...

Wow, these are beautiful. I sure enjoyed seeing these. Nice to see updates. Wondering if you lost your camera, haha.

Hope all is well with you.

p.s. How is K doing. Your grandchild will be here soon, right...although I can't remember exactly when she is due.

Wanda said...

Beautiful photos BJ. I love the last one with the shadows.

Gardener Greg said...

I do the same thing. We have been having some really beautiful sunsets.