Thursday, November 22, 2007


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This is my Thanksgiving post! I really wanted to post a picture of a lovely table with a big fat turkey, with all of the trimmings. It just didn't happen.
Hailee happened to be looking out of the window of my condo and saw this adorable squirrel sitting in this tree, feasting on these crab apples. It stayed for a long time eating and was on the same level as we were; making it really easy to photograph. The only thing is, it was shot through the glass. So the pictures are a little fuzzy.
Before I close, I just want to say that I am so thankful for the family that God has blessed me with. I am so fortunate to have you all and love you very much. You are the sunshine in my life.


The Crusty Crone said...

oh this are GREAT shots!!! Not only is it interesting to see a squirrel so close-up, he's surrounded by beautifully colored leaves, too.

Sandy said...

Well I just commented and it didn't show up....

Great photos and much appreciation for you too! We are so blessed with family, I agree.


cat's momma said...

I love these photos of the colorful! I didn't get a picture of the dinner either...too busy at the last minute getting it all on the table. It wasn't a pretty table anyway...just crowded with food. I put out a Thanksgiving List on the table during the day yesterday so we all, in our own time, could write down what we are thankful for. Then just before dinner we had a toast with a nice glass of wine to acknowledge all the good in our lives and express our gratitude for it all. I think that will be a new tradition for us. It kind of kept everyone focused on the good during the day.

Isadora said...

What an abundantly set 'table' for the squirrel. You'll have lots of fun watching for the season :)

BJ said...

CC - I really think this squirrel is so cute too! It sat there for the longest time.

Sandy - we are blessed for sure! And it only gets better.

CM - I had to LOL. I set the food out on a table too.....all crowded on there...not a pretty sight for sure. Used that as a buffet and then we all sat at a large table to eat. It took hours to prepare.....10 minutes to eat. There is something wrong with that, don't you think? It was great having the kids and grandkids there.....and my sister ha been here all week.

BTW - I really like what you did with putting a list on the table and letting everyone write what they were thankful for and then toasting at dinner. That sounds like a nice tradition to me.

Isadora - thanks for stoppimg by...if you like to read about a bragging grandmom, please come back for more!

dakotablueeyes said...

those are great pics

Marsha said...

It sure looks like he had a feast at his table with all those crab apples.

Ok...though I love reading other memes...I will tell you one weird random fact about me...I'm no fun when it comes to: memes, chain letters, email forwards, etc. etc. Just don't do them :-) So please don't be hurt that I didn't take the tag....weird fact, I just don't do it :-)

Wanda said...

I love the photos....that is a Thanksgiving feast for him.

BJ: I'm so sorry I didn't respond to your tag! I've done two such tags and I'm such a Blabber Mouth Blogger...I don't think I have any more things that anyone would care about. Is is OK that I don't do it this time??

A wildlife gardener said...

I just loved that post, BJ! Did my heart good to see the little squirrel surviving in spite of manking. Thanks!

Today is my first blogging birthday...why don't you pop over and see my little visitor?

Anne said...

I think these are great, BJ!! Well done! windows and all!