Monday, November 12, 2007

Colors of Fall!

Beauty of Fall 004, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

Today I had Kelli stop her truck so that I could quickly jump out and get pictures of these leaves and this gorgeous line of trees. The trees are such a beautiful color right now......they almost look like they are on fire! Of course some trees produce leaves like this every year. I think it is the maple leaf that does that. If I am wrong about that, I stand corrected. Just a beautiful time of the year.


Wanda said...

Oh BJ, these are some of the most beautiful leaves I seen on anyones post. Love it...wonderful.

By the way, I love your sidebar. How I wish I knew how to do that. My side bar is soooooo boring! But at this point all I know is type and publish...((smile)).

Sandy said...

Wow, them and love your sidebar too.