Sunday, September 16, 2007


Here are pictures of the house we stayed in and the pool area. The pool was heated and it felt like bath water. I enjoyed getting in there and relaxing. The hot tub was very nice and could seat four comfortably. It felt just great to get in there and adjust those jets to your aching back or shoulders. The girls let me take a foot shot!

It was a really nice is only 4 - 5 months old. So having everything new was really nice. The acommodations were really great. I would definitely rent this house again. We split the rent three ways and we booked the week after Labor Day. So it ended up being about $275 a person. You really can't beat that. We bought food and split the cost of that too. We ate out usually once a day and usually it was for lunch or dinner. We were never disappointed in the restaurants that we ate in. The food was wonderful! No complaints from any of us. Probably the best seafood I've eaten in a long time. I did cook one night....spaghetti and meatballs, salad and garlic bread. We actually did eat leftovers from that one of the nights.

The bottom picture is of me in the pool on the first night. My friends thought that this was such a neat picture when the sides of the raft curled up around me. They said I looked like a "mermaid". Yea.....right! It was so relaxing floating on the raft and chillin!

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Anne said...

oh. my. LORD!! That looks divine!! Good for you!!

cat's momma said...

It does look divine! Love that house!

Sandy said...

Wow, what a house!!! Great pic of you too. You look soooo relaxed.


The Crusty Crone said...


Wanda said...

Oh that is so lovely...I like the feet...and your are a beautiful one, no less.