Monday, September 17, 2007


Yesterday I watched "the girl's" while their mommy & daddy went to a wedding. I enjoyed being with them so much. They were sooooo excited to see me after a week of being away. I had spoken to Hailee on the phone during the week so she knew that I was going to bring them something special from OBX. They greeted me with big hugs and kisses and then said, "what did you bring mom-mom"! They were very happy with their little gifts.

We had decided that I would take them out to lunch; just me and the girl's. Hailee's request was for "Bob Evans". She always wants to go there if we go out. Gianna chose "breakfast food" and insisted that she have a pancake, scrambled egg, potatoes and bacon. Kelli had told me before she wouldn't eat eggs. I asked her several times if she was sure. She stuck to what she wanted. Didn't waver at all. So we went with that. Hailee ordered twin cheeseburgers with fries. Well I'm here to tell you that Gianna ate her scrambled eggs, some potatoes, her pancake and all of her bacon! We call her the "eating machine". She eats constantly.

All went well and we left. As we were driving home I thought that maybe the girl's would like to go to the duck pond. Mostly I did. I wanted to take a million pictures. We didn't have bread or crackers.....but we still went and the girl's were happy to watch the ducks.

Here are pictures that were taken on Sunday at the duck pond. These are some pretty agressive ducks. Especially if you have food.

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After the duck pond, we came home to blow bubbles.


Anne said...

all right, BJ!! Awesome pictures; as usual!! Really nice birds and bubbles!

PS Glad you are back from your trip!

cat's momma said...

What beautiful granddaughters you have! I love all the pics took!

Travelling Goddess said...

Cute little girls!! What fun you must have with them....and loved seeing the pixs of the OBX.....I only live 2 hours from Nags Head. Did ya go there??

Looks like ya had a blast!!!

Sandy said...

Great photos of the girls!! They are so adorable. I always enjoy when you post the pics of the kids.


The Crusty Crone said...

OBX?? The word obnoxious is the only thing that comes to my mind. (sigh. I've been known to be a bit obnoxious. I guess I'm projecting. hahaha)

Awwww... what great grand kids. And look at those gorgeous ear rings, too!!

Lunch out with gramma. What fun. I remember when my grandmother would take me with her to Montgomery Wards (no longer exists??) and it would be a treat for me when we would eat in their cafeteria. Hot turkey sandwich... my staple.

The Crusty Crone said...

oops... never mind. I scrolled down far enough to see that BOX, oops, OBX is for Outer Banks....
I'm so sharp.

Marsha said...

What wonderful photos for you to share of your beautiful granddaughters. I especially like the ones of them alone & close up with the bubbles! I think they should be framed :-)

What a wonderful way to be "welcomed" back to the real world after having been on vacation!

Wanda said...

Glad you home....and this post is most delightful..Those are adorable children you have, and I love duck and water pix. Nice, Nice, nice!

Amber said...

They are so lucky to have a grammy like you, BJ! What fun you are. I bet they will always tell people how much they loved being with their "mom-mom". ;)

I wish we had a duck pond near by to take the kids to. That is good fun.