Sunday, September 16, 2007


This art gallery was in the little town that we stayed in called Salvo. We loved this shop so much that a couple of us went back a third time. I bought a few pendants of dichroic glass and a piece of pottery. The picture that I am posting does not do the dichroic glass justice. It is so beautiful in person. I have been wanting some of this for a very long time. I bought one for me and hopefully I will follow my intentions when I bought them and give the others as gifts.

Here are the dichroic glass pendants.

Here is the piece of pottery that I bought. It can be hung on a wall or it can sit on a table top. I love it either way. I'll eventually decide where I like it best.


Wanda said...

Oh BJ, what a great Gallery. I love your pictures from there, especiall love that turtle.

Anne said...

love love love it all. And the pottery.. wow.

Sandy said...

Great photos and S&T. Loved seeing ALL of it...


Amber said...

wow! all these pictures are cool. The pool, the shoe, the girls, the art, the ocean! looks like you have been having lots of fun.

I love the turtle here. I always liked turtles.