Monday, September 24, 2007


These pictures were taken on our way back from the Outer Banks. We stopped at The Cotton Gin and after looking at some fabulous things in the store, decided to go outside to a little garden where there were lots of butterflies and I happened to come across this "insect" of some sort, resting on a huge rock. I was hoping that the insect would just stay put until I could focus my lens on it. I was really happy to have gotten this picture. It has very unusual wings......I haven't seen wings like this on an insect before. The wings are transparent except for the black in the middle of the wing which is a square pattern and then they taper at the ends...very different. If anyone knows what kind of insect this is, I welcome any information you may have about it.

The second and third pictures were just too lovely to not take. The flowers on this bush are so pretty. I don't think I have seen flowers on any plant like this.....especially the colors. The pink and yellow is so beautiful. Maybe someone knows the name of this bush too.

I'm still learning about my camera so the last picture of the butterfly isn't that great.....I would like to have gotten a close-up. The ones I got were blurry....I'm sure I'm not using the proper setting. I use the macro a lot. Probably more than I should. But most of the time when I use macro and zoom, the picture is usually blurry. For all of you pros out there....I hope you aren't laughing at me. Or if you are.....I'm glad I provided one for you...I mean a laugh, that is! I'll just keep doing silly stuff until I get that book out and "seriously" read all about the settings. And probably still not take great pics!

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Marsha said...

Hi BJ, great photos! I have seen the first dragonfly around my pond too :-) The flower/bush you are talking about is a lantana. In warmer zones they actually are a perennial almost shrub like and get quite large but here in MN I grow them as an annual (they freeze at the earliest frost). They come in many color variations - reds/oranges, oranges/yellows, yellows/whites and the one you caught with the pinks/yellows. Each stage of the flower from bud to fully open is a different shade. They grow well in pots too so you could have one on your patio :-)

Sandy said...

Wow, great photo of that dragonfly.

you did good.


Wanda said...

Love your pictures BJ. The dragonfly looks like he's waving those black flags at a car race. And the pick and yellow flowers are so those combination of colors. And a sweet little butterfly to boot!!
Very nice Post.

Anne said...

we have lantana up the yin yang here and that variety is my favorite! They are like little fairy flowers, don't you think?!

Amber said...

Wow! I LOVE that dragonfly!