Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today is our fourth day in the Outer Banks. I hadn't realized how vast the area is. Going from town to town you see some of the funniest names for restaurants and storefronts. So I will be posting some of the sites that we have seen so far.

Here we are having lunch at the Full Moon Restaurant in Manteo. It was a wonderful lunch as the food was just yummy! We walked around the town and went into all of the little shops there. Very nice little town. More pictures of Manteo to come.

I had to post this picture because the name of this restaurant is too funny. But we had dinner here. The food was great but the mosquito's bit the crap out of us! We were seated outside in a "screened in" area, ha, ha, ha, but that didn't keep them from getting our "sweet meat".

We have gone into the "Try My Nuts" store, yet. But as we were riding around, scouting the area we saw the storefront and I had to get a picture for this blog!

And on the beach, this cute little seagull just posed so nicely for this picture.

One gorgeous sunset. You will see many of those cause each one is so beautiful!

This is just the waves coming in, crashing on the shore. My friend thinks this shot is so beautiful! I have to agree.


Wanda said...

Oh BJ: What a love trip, and you all look so darling, and happy! I only wished I lived close enough to join you! The the cafe names!!Great pictures.
Thanks for sharing you trip!

Marsha said...

Oh how fun to "travel" along with you! The cafe names are hilarious and I am always a sucker for a beautiful sunset. Enjoy your week of fun with the girls and I look forward to more posts.

Sandy said...

Great post BJ...Love the photos and you look simply marvelous, so relaxed and glowing. That was fun reading about these shops and the fun you are having...gorgeous photos you captured...


cat's momma said...

Your photos are beautiful! I love that sky!