Sunday, July 01, 2007

These next pictures are the bedroom while my son sleeps. It is a very girly room as he had intended to sleep in the loft but it is hotter than blue blazes up there in the summer! I guess because we are on the third floor, basically,
"up on the roof". No pun intended! He doesn't complain except that the closet still has a few of my clothes in it. I think he would like to have at least one closet to call his own. I really have to start working on that. More on that later!

I have always loved white furniture. So, when I moved here it was the perfect time to get that furniture. I think the pale yellow and the blue/yellor comforter is so pretty. The drapes? Well, there is a story about those drapes. My son actually completely remade the window treatment in that room. I kid you not. He is a jack of all trades. He really can do many things. He did ask that I not tell everyone that he did that though. So ladies, just keep it between us!

The mother/baby figurine that is setting on the bedside table was given to me by my husband when I was pregnant with our daughter. It is so beautiful. I will post on that another time. My daughter recently remarked that she hoped that she would be able to have that someday. And of course I want her to have it. My husband was always so thoughtful and when he would travel on business, he would always bring small gifts for the children and me.

The last picture in this set is of the windows in that bedroom. The balcony is on the other side of those windows. Or, you can enter the balcony from the dining/living room area. '

Now, let's go on to the next set of pictures.

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Sandy said...

I am so enjoying this tour!! And I won't give it away when I see him about the window treatments...hahaha..will I ever see him..that means I would have to fly... but anyway, love these rooms you are showing...