Sunday, July 01, 2007


This first picture is of the foyer, taken as if you were leaving. I know, that sounds funny, but it shows how large the foyer actually is. If I had taken a picture coming in the front door, you would see an extension of the living room. The ceiling in the foyer is very, very tall. It extends all the way up into the loft.

The second and third pictures are of the living room. On the opposite side of the wall from the couch is the entertainment center. You will see a picture of that later.

The fourth picture is of the dining area in the living room. I guess that sounds strange, but because the room is very large, and I didn't want to give up my dining room set, I made it into a dining area. My son hung the light over the table as to give the room more lighting. Eventually, if I decide that I no longer need a dining area, then we can easily take down the light fixture.

The hutch in the right hand corner was my mother's. It means so much to me that I have it. I remember as a teenager, my mom saved money for a very long time so that she could buy this hutch. To me, it is absolutely beautiful. The glass on the doors is very different. I think you would call it concave. I will give you a better picture of this later on.

This is the end of the tour my friends. I hope that it wasn't too confusing because this is not how I had originally planned on doing this. Blogger can be difficult at times. This was one of those times. Thank you all for taking the time to go through the tour.

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Sandy said...

Okay, I already want to visit. It feels so homey and just really good, viewing the pics. What a lovely place you have...and I'm only responding so far to just the first ones you've posted...gotta go see the rest....

Wanda said...

Oh BJ: Doesn't a persons home just reflect that person's soul. I love walking through you home, it feels so warm like you and you. I'll catch a ride with Sandy. I will go back and look many times.