Sunday, July 01, 2007

Here is another picture of the hutch. I forgot to mention that it is a corner hutch. It is about 40 years old. You don't see many hutches today that are this tall. It also has storage in the bottom. In the little house that I grew up in, the kitchen was so small. We had a table and chairs and this hutch in the corner. It was tight. My mother loved this hutch as if it had cost a million dollars. And to her, saving like she did, it probably felt like it. She took very good care of it while in her possession and my sister and I have too. My sister had it for awhile after my mom passed away, but six years ago, when her husband was killed and she lay in the hospital recovering from her injuries, she told my husband and I that we should try to get the hutch as soon as possible. So, we rented a truck and proceeded to get it back to our home. She mentioned again to me that our mother wanted me to have that hutch. So now it is in my possession and I couldn't be happier.

The next three pictures are of the kitchen and the little alcove that houses this little table and chairs. It is cleaned off in these pictures. But most of the time you will always see my laptop, the camera, my phones, the printer and my bead board with lots of mess! I use this table for many things. Yes, and sometimes I will clear off a spot to actually eat.

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Sandy said...

The lighting where you eat looks so great!! I could imagine having some coffee with you and visiting there..

Sandy said...

Your sister's husband was killed. It sounds like an accident since she was in the hospital too..lots of sadness in your family it seems there, for awhile. I'm hoping she is doing okay..Is she the one you visited recently. You know, I should write you instead of ask you these personal questions on the board..

Wanda said...

Lovey bright and happy. Know lots of fun dinners have been served here!