Sunday, July 01, 2007


Here are some of my favorite pictures that I in my condo. These are the small things that have made this condo my home. Nothing fancy, just homey.

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Sandy said...

All of your wall art is great and I enjoyed seeing it, but I want to know all about that bottom is to die for!!!!

Wanda said...

I do love "all" your painting and artwork....So many "flavors"! What a delightful Show and Tell!
Thank you for all the work and time you put into making this lovely tour!!!

BJ said...

Sandy - This bottom one was painted by my son John. It was a Christmas present to my husband & I about 6 years ago. My son is very talented, however, he seldom gets to do any artwork. He works so much. I think that he did a fantastic job with this painting. It is an old look-out or battery on a beach. It could have been on a Maryland beach. I really, really love it.

Nita said...

I think I'm partial to number 2 in this group. The one your son did has such a haunting attraction. Beautiful.

Your home is gorgeous. :)