Sunday, July 22, 2007

Building with L.J.

Yesterday I had the honor of playing with L.J. for the afternoon. Mommy and daddy were both working.......and I was asked to help out. He is the most wonderful little boy! I would say that.....wouldn't I? He reminds me so much of my son, his daddy. His build is like his daddies, but he looks like them both now. I wasn't able to get many kisses yesterday, until I was saying goodbye and we played a crazy little game. Each time he would kiss me I would make a loud sound, throw my head back and somehow, entice him to want to repeat the whole thing. I know. It doesn't sound very enticing to you. But for some reason, he liked playing that game. And being mom-mom, I'd do almost any barnyard sound to get a kiss from him!!!! I hope that we can get some more baby boy's in the family! We need to balance out the sexes!

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Travelling Goddess said...

He is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

I can't wait to have some of my own, for the time being, I have a new fur grandpuppy come and see!!!

I love all of pictures that you took....

Hugs, Edee

Gardener Greg said...

Very cute, The little ones are what keeps me young. They are growing up too fast though, Nice blog,


The Crusty Crone said...

oh my, I can see how he's charmed your heart. What a little cutie!!

Pat said...

What a sweetheart. He's so handsome and the concentration on his face is really something.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.


Wanda said...

Hi BJ, seems forever since I've been to your post...One reason...I not sure why, but I have a very difficult time getting takes like 3-5 minutes for it to come up. Everytime. But today, it came up faster. Love the pictures...what an adorable little guy.
Will try to catch up on your prev. posts.
Love and Hugs.

Sandy said...

BJ: He is a doll!! How old is he now. I can imagine how much fun you had cause I would to. There is something so sweet about these little ones when they laugh over silly little things...mooo..moooo...quack quack...

Sandy said...

and besides being so cute his hair is a gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Hi BJ,

I came back today, cause I forgot that I had already come to visit......and since here, thought I would mention that I too get what Wanda takes 2-3 minutes before I can scroll down or write happen every my computer freeze here.

Oh,'s little gremmlins...we can deal with it.

Hugs to you, Edee

A wildlife gardener said...

What a beautiful child, innocent and sweet, God's gift to us to look after for a little while....then they must fly, all too soon, so enjoy this little piece of heaven...what a darling :)

BJ said...

Edee - I'm excited for you to have grandchildren too! Better than your own.....if that's possible! And I love your furry friend!

Greg - you are right! Hoping to stay young for these grandkids! They are the best!

CC - he has definitely charmed my heart! I could just "eat em up". He loves to tease me!

Pat - he was very intense while he was building....and I kept bothering him by taking pictures!
Come visit again.

Wanda - I don't know what is going on...whether it is blogger or what. It is frustrating at times. But anyway, I appreciate your coming back to try and comment. And yes, L.J. is most precious!

Sandy - he was two on June 4. He jibber-jabbers alot. Some I can understand...some I can't. He is sweeter than sugar! I would say that....wouldn't I? And yea, the sillier that I am, I can manager to get more kisses! His hair looks darker in the picture than it really is. It is like a honey blonde.....and it has recently started to get curly! I love it!

Wildlife - our family is so blessed by these precious ones. My daughter is expecting her third in Feb. We are so excited. These sweet ones are on loan to us....until they can grow their wings and take flight! It happens way too soon. God is so good!

Tee said...

He's a cutie! Love when they build towers :)

Wanda said...

Hi BJ: Feel like I've been gone so long. I was having trouble getting on your blog, but today it just popped up! Yeah! Missed you while I was gone!