Thursday, June 07, 2007

Simon Say's - Sit 'n Spin

Simon Say's - Sit 'n Spin, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

I love her little face in this picture!

This is one of L.J.'s birthday presents. It is a Simon says, "Sit 'N Spin". She mastered it very well. I was surprised since she has never been on one of these before. She liked it and played on it until L.J. realized that she was on it. Then, you know what happened next! All kinds of screeching and squawking! Those two only want something when the other one has it.


Sandy said...

She is A DOLL!!! What a great pic..Oh I can imagine the screeching and squawking...oh yea....

Sandy said...

ya know...I've got to try and draw her from this pic...this is a great reference photo to use...even if you don't win I'm going to practice on this one..