Thursday, June 21, 2007


This is Gianna with very red lips. She had been eating "red ice". That's what she calls it. We had stopped by Rita's, a nationwide chain that has approximately 1500 stores and sells all kinds of flavored water ices. Just the perfect thing to end the day. My preference is the gelati! I had a mango gelati, which is vanilla custard cream on the bottom, mango ice and topped with more vanilla custard. To die for people!!!!! So.....if you are on the road, and see the red and white striped awning and "Rita's" in green letters, don't pass it by my friends. You definitely won't be sorry!
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Sandy said...

she is SOOO the ruby red lips...just adorable..

Barbara said...

Ritas sounds heavenly!! You are such a fun grandma to those little girls and boy!!

Faye Pekas said...

Hi BJ, thanks for visiting my blog

I love her pose and those pretty red lips :)