Friday, June 01, 2007

Geranium flower

Geranium flower, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.

These next pictures are all taken down at my sister's home on the Eastern Shore. I really love buds 'n blooming flowers and wanted to share these with you. I think the colors are so vibrant.


Sandy said...

OH I love those blooms!! Hey BJ, have you ever painted or drawn...or do you have a craft you enjoy..just wondering. Your photos are gorgeous...sandy

BJ said...

Sandy- you are tooooo sweet with your comments. No, I have never been able to draw or paint. I just don't have the ability to see color. I like to make jewelry; I can see something that I like and make it. But I can't see it on my own. Does that make sense? Probably not! I love digital photography and think I may take a class at the college for that. I would like to get better at that. You darling, are so darn good at it. I have two of my three kids who are very artistic and can draw and my one brother is also artistic. But not me.

Anonymous said...

oh...just saw your comment. You ought to post some of your jewelry making. It would be fun to see... So how far away does your sister live from you. Were you there for a week..sandy

BJ said...

Sandy - my sister lives about 150 miles away. I try to get here at least once a month now. She is 18 years older than me. She has health problems. She is very special to me; like my mom. Our mother passed away 28 years ago.

I will post some of my jewelry one of these days. I usually give it away as soon as I make it.