Saturday, June 09, 2007


This is what I like to do to relax. Yes, I do have a couple of other things that I can do besides spending endless hours on this laptop and/or finding material to take a picture of. However, it does involve both of them. My life has changed over the last few years and since I'm not a "party animal" by any sorts, I have found a few other things that I enjoy doing and make the hours go by ever so quickly.

I guess I have been buying beads, all kinds of them, for 6 - 8 months. I have made earrings, a few necklaces and several watches. I will make things and then show them to my daughter and get an opinion from her. Many times, she ends up with the things that she likes. Most recently we were in a bead store and I saw these bracelets and showed them to her. She really loved the light purple/dark purple crystals so I bought the materials and made her one. She has been wearing it faithfully, if you must, and many of her friends have commented on it and many said that they wanted one just like hers. This week she was able to get the materials for me, so I have made up a few in different colors. Apparently, those two purples are very popular and the store was out of those colors. I like the other colors I have designed too.

I have added a few pictures so you can see what I have going on right now. I'm not that good of coming up with designs of my own, but generally if I see something that interests me, I can duplicate it. I would love to hear your thoughts or opinions. Sandy, these pictures were requested by you. I hope the rest of you enjoy the beautiful colors too.

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Sandy said...

BJ, these are just beautiful. I love the design, I don't think I've seen that type of design before. So beautiful. I'm so glad you posted these so I can peak in on a little more of your life.

I bet this is a relaxing hobby. Every time I go to a Michael's (which I just did yesterday) I like to peek in on the beads, even though i don't work with them. Sparklies are fun and lift ones' spirit...thanks for sharing these BJ...sandy

Barbara said...

Very pretty, you need to set up a website and sell those babies!

Sandy said...

Just checking back...waving hi...sandy

REENblack said...

Those are beautiful! I would have to buy one for myself and my daughter if I saw them for sale!!! :-) She loves pretty things more than I do!!!