Thursday, June 21, 2007


This is Aaron and the girls on Father's Day. He wanted a picture of the three of them together. We had gone to church and then continued on to have lunch together. We ended up at Bob Evan's. Aaron let Hailee choose and three of us like to eat there. Ms. Kellibelly would rather eat at another place. But, daddy loves to eat there and since today was Father's Day, she didn't have a choice (ha,ha). We had a great time!

In the next picture, I couldn't resist taking it as Gianna was bent down trying to smell the flower. This child makes me smile so very much! She has the sweetest little voice and the most infectious smile of any one child! Between the two girls and one little boy, it's "sugar", morning, noon and night. They rock my world!

And lastly, this beautiful lily of some kind, that I saturated as much as I could without distorting the color. I think that the color is magnificient! Another thing in my life that makes me smile. Nature. The beauty of it all.

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Sandy said...

What a great picture of dad and the girls. I love the one of Gianna bending down to the flower. Great photo on that one...and oh...that lilly.

I love it when you post because you make us wait awhile. sandy

Barbara said...

Beautiful family..and the flower, well, you inspired me to do some long overdue gardening tonight!

Nita said...

Really nice photos. Good looking faces, I love the flower smelling one, and the lily is so bright and beautiful.