Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Angle!

I like the angle that I took this picture. It looks like it is just suspended in mid-air.
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Nita said...

Both pictures of the lily are beautiful. I like the "suspended in air" angle. It makes me think of quiet, elegant simplicity.

Your wait was well worth it, huh? :)

I have some kind of lilies that want to bloom at the edge of the fence, but the green always seems to get mowed down. I'll make sure they have a chance this year, and then show you what they are. Blessings, Nita

Sandy said...

that is a great angle!! Love it.

Wanda said...

You got the angle BJ! Love the dark background. One of the things I going to post for Monday show and tell, is a really wierd lilly!!!!