Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Single Tulip!

Trees 006, originally uploaded by Mamaquita.


Wanda said...

A single Tulip! How absolutely beautiful...the makes me think of Solomon in all his glory wasn't as glorious as this single flower. Love going to your pics on Flikr.

Sandy said...

BJ, I love all the pics. So gorgeous. You live in a great area it looks like..


dakotablueeyes said...

so pretty, my daughter's tulips in her little garden were the same color

BJ said...

Wanda - When I saw this tulip I fell for the colors right away. I thought that it was so beautiful. I like how you compared it to Soloman!

Sandy - I'm glad you like my pics! It makes me feel good to get all of these compliments.

Dakota - Oh, take a pic of her garden and post it! The color is so vibrant. I love it too!