Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fire at the "Pond Condominimums"

Yes, this is the development that I live in. No, it was not my building that was involved with this horrible fire on Mother's Day. I have posted a couple of picture's. But honestly, it doesn't even begin to show the damage that has been done.

I left my condo around 12:00 on Sunday, to go to my daughter's house to enjoy another Mother's Day cookout. I received a call from my friend a few hours later telling me that as she was coming into town, there was a hook & ladder and ambulance at one of the buildings in the developement that I live in. And, that the building was on fire. My first question was, "it's not my building is it"? It really did scare me. Supposedly, the fire started around 12:45 p.m. Everyone was able to evacuate the building. I was so glad to hear this. I didn't get home until around 8:00 p.m that evening. There were people in cars coming in and out of the developement. There were people on foot and on bicycles trying to get a glimpse of this horiffic scene.

It continues to be such an eery feeling for me because I have been in a situation like this about 15 years ago. My son had been doing his homework in the basement area of our home. He left his room, with a candle burning and came out into the family roon. My daughter at the time was around 12 years old. She had smelled smoke and ran downstairs to find out where it was coming from. She woke her brother but the fire was burning out of control in that one room. She ran upstairs and woke her dad and I and when my husband got downstairs to inspect, he told me to call 911 right away. Fortunately, our neighbor from across the street was a volunteer fire fighter and was at out door when he heard the call on his moniter. He came in with the garden hose and pretty much contained the fire until the fire trucks arrived. We all managed to get out safetly, including all of our pet's and stayed with our friends next door. Our home was a real mess. The smoke damage was really bad and the fire had traveled up the wall into the ceiling. The fire had gotten into the electrical wiring and our house had to be completely rewired too. A cleaning service came into our home and completely washed down everything. We lived in a motel for two weeks. We were very fortunate in many ways. We had our lives and we had good insurance that took care of everything. I am, to this day, so thankful that we escaped with no injuries. We could replace much of the things that were loss.

Each and every time I leave the development or return home, reminders of the fire that I had been in are flashing in my mind. Seeing devistation from the fire damage is so unnerving. It is a constant reminder of how lucky our family was.

There still is no determination of what caused this fire. The only thing that we keep hearing is that the fire started on the third floor balcony. Now, we know that grills are not allowed. Apparently the fire started on the balcony and went up the outside wall into the rafters and spread. I guess it will take time for the investigation to be completed. This is a double building, unlike mine that houses only twelve condo's. There are twenty-four families that were living there and are now displaced.

When you see how things like this happen, we all are reminded that we should not take anything for granted. Many of the people living in these condo's are elderly. I'm sure that it has been very difficult for them. Please keep these families in your prayers.


Wanda said...

BJ: Being gone a few days really slows down my catching up on reading all my friends blogs.
I can't believe this fire. How very scary. So glad it was not your building, but feel so sorry for those who lost precious things.
It's good to be back.
Have a great day BJ.

Anne said...

oh my goodness! Thank the lord your home was untouched.

BJ said...

Wanda - they still have no explanation for the fire. Two million dollars in damages? It is so scarey!

Anne - I am so blessed in so many ways.