Monday, March 05, 2007

Strawberries a la beautiful!

Each year, people come from all round, to our little town to indulge their chocolate cravings. This past Saturday was that day. Our little town hosted a chocolate show where a number of vendors came to display their chocolates wares. They gave out free chocolates, and had a lot of activities geered towards the children. One of particular interest to Hailee and Gianna was a table where they had tons of oreo cookes and all you had to do was stack them up and you were given a free hersey kiss. There was also a table for coloring if you chose to do that. I was fascinated with that huge chocolate flowing fountain. OMG! I haven't seen a fountain like that. They supplied pretzels and marshmellows to dip. The girls also had ice cream from a local ice cream parlor, Broomes Bloom Dairy. I think that we left there pretty much sick of it all! But, it was a fun day out.

I wonder if next years Chocolate Festival will be in March?

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