Sunday, March 25, 2007


I was blessed with three children. I actually wanted more but that was all that God wanted me to have. And I am so happy that I have them. They have and do bring me so much joy. I can't even imagine my life without either of them.

This picture is of my daughter "kellibelly" and I. She will soon be 29 years old and I can't believe that those years of changing diapers, watching soccer games, and graduation came and went so quickly. She is married now and has two adorable little girls who are so precious to me. They are two of my three grandchildren. A little boy named L.J. completes the three.

It is such a joy to have her as my daughter. She is sweet and sensitve, loving and caring. She thinks of me and calls me on a whim. Sometimes we call each other at the same time. She knows when I'm sad or my heart is heavy and just talking to her makes all the difference in the world. She likes to be in my company at this age. When she was younger she didn't agree with me and we were like oil and vinegar. But maturity has changed all that. She's a mom herself. We laugh about all of that now.

I think that she inherited some strong traits from both her dad and I. She's a strong woman and knows what she wants. She believes in God and trusts that he will guide and protect the ones that she loves; her family. She is very funny and can make you laugh till you cry. She's no pushover and holds her own for the things that she believes in. She's a great role model and loving mommy to her precious little ones. And lastly, she has a partner who loves her but doesn't always understand her. Snort-Snort. I don't think too many men understand their wives.

Kelli, you mean everything to me. I thank God that you are my daughter and that God saw fit to bless me with you. You and your brothers are the greatest gift of love. And I cherish you all.


Wanda said...

You and your daughter are beautiful. Your words made me tear up, as I think of my own three daughters and how they complete my life. God's precious gifts for sure!

Darlene said...

What a beauty....
and so is your daughter ;)

what a wonderful tribute, daughters are indeed a gift from heaven.

When mine was a baby, she wanted no one but me, now (at 22) we are in the oil and vinegar stage...glad to know it gets so much better. All of those years of hard work pay off, I see. :)

love to you bj
oxxo darlene


Thanks mom, you are so sweet and the best mama ever! Love the picture of us :0) XOXO

JC said...

What a great picture of the two of you! And what a nice tribute to your daughter.

Anne said...

What a lovely rhing to write to your daughter. And I will scho all the others; you are both so beautiful! I would like to have this kind of a relationship with my daughters as they grow older. You are an inspiration.