Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hailee choosing what she'd like! It ended up being a chocolate chip scone, peanut butter sandwich cut in quarters and a cookie shaped like a teapot. She liked the sweets better.

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I love all the pictures. It was soooo much fun! Theres my sweet Hailee. I could do this everyday instead of lunch! I was thinking about it today and made myself some of the sweet Christmas Tea you gave me. I doubled the amount it said to put in the tea ball and it was great. Then dropped in one of my fancy sugar cubes. Didn't have a scone with lemon curd and cream :0( So I had to substitute with a blueberry bagel w/ cream cheese and jelly. Not the same though!. I need to stock up on the scone mix now that I have a SCONE PAN! XOXO LOVE YOU!