Monday, August 14, 2006


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is Lily J. She was adopted by my son and me on Saturday. We both love cats and she was rescued about two weeks ago by a nice lady who has 8 cats of her own. We have always had cats in our family.....except for the past four years. Our cats were 15 & 16 when they passed away. I have been thinking about adopting for this past year. And when this opportunity presented itself, my son and I talked about it and decided we'd do it. So, Saturday was the big day. Off he went to pick up all of the things we would need to take care of and house a new kitten. He came back with $116.00 worth of "stuff". I brought her home and opened the little door on the carrier and she just wanted to stay inside. That went on for most of the day. She wouldn't eat or drink and was very skiddish of us. My son was able to reach under the couch and she would come and lay on his hand. But you can't stay on the floor forever! Sunday, a little better. Last night she slept on him until about 4 a.m. this morning. He said she was playing with some of her toys and did eat a bit and drink too. She even used her kitty litter. Hooray!!!!! She knows where to go!

Today when I came home from work, she came out from her hiding place within 10 minutes and after about 20 minutes she was becoming more friendly. She followed me all around even up to the loft where I managed to snap a couple of shots of her. When I went down, I brought her with me and she layed on my chest and around my neck for an hour or more. So....I would have to say at this point in time, I do believe that she likes her new family and her new home. She is eating and drinking more frequently now. Tomorrow evening I have made an appointment for a mobile pet doctor to come to my condo and she will get a check-up and her first shots.

Looking forward to having great fun with Lily Puss. What do you think? Isn't she a calico cutie?


Amber said...

Oh how sweet! I'm happy for you, because kitties are the best. She looks like she can't make up her mind if she wants to be a calico or a tabby! LOL.


The Mom said...

She's a cutie. Wow, the vet comes to you?! That's awesome!

Amber said...

Dear BJ,
You are always so sweet to me. Your words today were a gift. I don't know why I needed them, but I did! I always value what you say, because I can tell you are a kind and good soul. I just want you to know that. ;) I hope you and your kitty are well.

True thanks to you...

oxox :)

JC said...

Aw, cute!