Friday, July 14, 2006


For all of you who are wondering, "where in the heck is Kellibelly"? I am her mom, here to tell you, that she swears that she is going to be "up and blogging" soon. I know how you all must miss her posts. She is really funny. I miss reading her stuff too. For those of you I have had contact with, I have passed along your hello's to her.

As you all remember, she moved right around Christmas 2005. Well, she and hubby have been very busy making their townhouse a home. He has finished the basement and made it into a lovely family room with a bedroom(not quite finished), laundry room and bathroom (not quite finished). I came over the other day and the kitchen was red. Yes, you read it right. I said red....a very warm red. I liked it. But truthfully, it doesn't matter what I like, we all know that. It is none of my darn business. He is the decorator in the family. He has an eye for color and decorating. He starts a lot of projects.....and I mean more than one at a time! Kelli rolls her eyes! But she loves him! Oh yea, he is installing cabinets and countertop in the kitchen too. A PLACE FOR HER COMPUTER!!!!! I can't wait!

And you know the rest! She has been so busy with the girls. Never a dull moment there. Gianna keeps her running wild. I am not kidding. She is a maniac! A darling, sweet maniac with a baby impish face. She has such a cute baby face so when she opens her mouth and you hear her talking and saying everything, you are just shocked. Almost two; next month. Babies today are soooo smart. Poor Hailee! Not really but she takes a lot of hair pulling and pushing from "G". Kelli had to get a little tough with G one day cause she had handfuls of sissy's hair and wouldn't let go. She smacked her hands, so she said, and now when Kelli says, "do you want a spankin", G knows what that means. Well, she possibly knows. Don't worry. Kelli wouldn't hurt a flea! She has such a nice sweet way with the girls. Ask her how many "spankins" she ever got. LOL!

She, hubby and girls left for the beach tonight...aka...Ocean City Maryland. Just for the weekend. A bit of a break to enjoy the sun and ocean. Hubby's grandmom has a place there and occasionally they get to spend a little time there.

So there you go. Just a few tidbits about Kellibelly and family. Stay tuned. I can't wait for her to get back to doing her blogging. She's a funny story teller. We'll keep our fingers crossed.


Amber said...

Oh, I laugh when i read this sweet post. Because I am all anti-spankin' too, but I have given little ones, and it is funny how it sticks in their little heads. And I ask that same thing to my Georgia, and she says "no". But she has never really had a real one. LOL! I hope it keeps working like that for awhile. It's funny how your plans and ideas go out the window when you have real kids. hehehe.

Thanks for your sweet words at my blog. I always like to see you around. I am going to update my blogroll soon, to add you. ;)


dakotablueeyes said...

I miss her and can't wait til she's back blogging. She was oneof the first posters on my blog I think.