Thursday, October 05, 2006


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I'm looking at you!

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Lily - just relaxing!

Lily - just relaxing!
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This is a recent picture of Lily, right in the middle of business! She follows me to the loft and insists on being in the middle of my stuff. If she wasn't so darn cute, I'd have to toss her!

Carpal tunnel surgery

Carpal tunnel surgery
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I recently had surgery for this. Surprisingly, it went well. After suffering for months with numbness and tingling in my hands, I decided to go ahead with the surgery.

If any of you have had surgery for this, I would love to hear about your experiences.

Monday, August 14, 2006


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is Lily J. She was adopted by my son and me on Saturday. We both love cats and she was rescued about two weeks ago by a nice lady who has 8 cats of her own. We have always had cats in our family.....except for the past four years. Our cats were 15 & 16 when they passed away. I have been thinking about adopting for this past year. And when this opportunity presented itself, my son and I talked about it and decided we'd do it. So, Saturday was the big day. Off he went to pick up all of the things we would need to take care of and house a new kitten. He came back with $116.00 worth of "stuff". I brought her home and opened the little door on the carrier and she just wanted to stay inside. That went on for most of the day. She wouldn't eat or drink and was very skiddish of us. My son was able to reach under the couch and she would come and lay on his hand. But you can't stay on the floor forever! Sunday, a little better. Last night she slept on him until about 4 a.m. this morning. He said she was playing with some of her toys and did eat a bit and drink too. She even used her kitty litter. Hooray!!!!! She knows where to go!

Today when I came home from work, she came out from her hiding place within 10 minutes and after about 20 minutes she was becoming more friendly. She followed me all around even up to the loft where I managed to snap a couple of shots of her. When I went down, I brought her with me and she layed on my chest and around my neck for an hour or more. So....I would have to say at this point in time, I do believe that she likes her new family and her new home. She is eating and drinking more frequently now. Tomorrow evening I have made an appointment for a mobile pet doctor to come to my condo and she will get a check-up and her first shots.

Looking forward to having great fun with Lily Puss. What do you think? Isn't she a calico cutie?

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Bob & Brenda - 1976
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This past Monday would have been our 30th. wedding anniversary. He was my soulmate and the love of my life. He was everything I wanted in a husband and just the greatest father to our children. He was kind and loving and never knew a stranger. Anyone who met him considered him a friend. He was loyal to the people he loved.

He came into my life when I needed a stable & honest relationship. He provided me with all of that. He had children of his own and so did I. We blended our families and worked through some difficult times. We never gave up on our love and each other. We wanted it to work and it did.

He's been gone for three years. I miss him terribly and know that one day we will be together again. His memory lives on in my heart and just thinking about him will make me smile or even cry. His sense of humor was unbelieveable. I could look at him and know what he was thinking or about to say. He kept our marriage alive and fun. He would whisper intimate things in my ear that would make me laugh as he followed me around the longerie department of a store. I miss all of that. I miss him holding me and the closeness we shared. I miss the intimacy. I will love him forever.

If you have a man like him, hold on to him with all your heart. You are blessed to have this person in your life.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY...................'s been one whole year since I moved from my home and into this condo. The year has really gone by quickly. The first six months were different for me. I felt uncomfortable here. It just didn't seem right coming into a building where eleven other families also lived. Even though it was a secure building I felt scared. The door has a double bolt on it but for those few months, it didn't matter. I couldn't explain why I felt this way. After taking to a few people here, they told me that what I was feeling was normal. And that it would take a while to get used to it.

Well, I am happy to report that I do consider this my home. It's cozy and comfortable here and just the right amount of room for me. Currently my unmarried son is residing with me. He is great company. He does his thing and I do mine. But, at night I know that he will be here with me.

I have a few things that I would like to do to the condo. Certainly one of those things would be to update the kitchen. The cabinets are fine but the laminate counter-top is in need of replacement. I had an estimate from Sears. Well, don't go there. I wouldn't believe what they wanted to just replace the counter-top and put in a new sink. I almost had a heart attack. Here, the sales lady said. Sign this. Yea, right. I may not look too smart but I have sense enough to know when I'm being taken.....taken right to the cleaners! So, after that fiasco, I haven't gotten any more estimates. I have been thinking more and more about getting that kitchen upgraded though. I would like to have that complete before the holidays. Then after that, I would start with the bathrooms. There is usually always something that could be done cosmetically.

So, there you have it. One year behind me now. And hopefully a lot more ahead to enjoy. And speaking of the holidays? Do you realize that we are less than four months from Christmas. Three months until Thanksgiving. Holy crap! I need to get busy.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


I have been toying with the idea that I would like to work part-time from my home using my computer. Being a widow I am feeling the crunch of escalating prices of everything. I could work at my leisure and put in as many hours as I wanted or whatever was determined on a weekly basis.

I have gone online, but am so leary of "work from home" ads and no way to phone anyone or whether they are even legitimate. And honestly, I don't want to get caught up in some sort of scam.

Could any of you direct me or to you have first hand knowledge of where I might start to inquire about something like this? I started out as a keypunch operator in 1968 after high school. Things have definitely changed since then. I have many years of clerical experience, receptionist, scheduling appointments and even billing experience as I worked for a pediatrician for 12 years. Currently I work for the state government and have been there for 12 years too. My classification is Office Service Clerk which means absolutely nothing to me. It is just a classification. I know MS Word, a little Excel as I had a wee bit of training on it. Our department has its own networking so the programs are different rather than normal.

If anyone has any suggestions as to where to start, I would appreciate them. I've checked newspaper ads and find them frustrating. I think that I would be beneficial to a company who needs a service like that. I have never taken dictation, but feel that I am pretty good at composing letters. I would not be interested in telephoning individuals. I prefer to use only the computer.

Helpful hints? Please respond. Thanks much.

Friday, July 14, 2006


For all of you who are wondering, "where in the heck is Kellibelly"? I am her mom, here to tell you, that she swears that she is going to be "up and blogging" soon. I know how you all must miss her posts. She is really funny. I miss reading her stuff too. For those of you I have had contact with, I have passed along your hello's to her.

As you all remember, she moved right around Christmas 2005. Well, she and hubby have been very busy making their townhouse a home. He has finished the basement and made it into a lovely family room with a bedroom(not quite finished), laundry room and bathroom (not quite finished). I came over the other day and the kitchen was red. Yes, you read it right. I said red....a very warm red. I liked it. But truthfully, it doesn't matter what I like, we all know that. It is none of my darn business. He is the decorator in the family. He has an eye for color and decorating. He starts a lot of projects.....and I mean more than one at a time! Kelli rolls her eyes! But she loves him! Oh yea, he is installing cabinets and countertop in the kitchen too. A PLACE FOR HER COMPUTER!!!!! I can't wait!

And you know the rest! She has been so busy with the girls. Never a dull moment there. Gianna keeps her running wild. I am not kidding. She is a maniac! A darling, sweet maniac with a baby impish face. She has such a cute baby face so when she opens her mouth and you hear her talking and saying everything, you are just shocked. Almost two; next month. Babies today are soooo smart. Poor Hailee! Not really but she takes a lot of hair pulling and pushing from "G". Kelli had to get a little tough with G one day cause she had handfuls of sissy's hair and wouldn't let go. She smacked her hands, so she said, and now when Kelli says, "do you want a spankin", G knows what that means. Well, she possibly knows. Don't worry. Kelli wouldn't hurt a flea! She has such a nice sweet way with the girls. Ask her how many "spankins" she ever got. LOL!

She, hubby and girls left for the beach tonight...aka...Ocean City Maryland. Just for the weekend. A bit of a break to enjoy the sun and ocean. Hubby's grandmom has a place there and occasionally they get to spend a little time there.

So there you go. Just a few tidbits about Kellibelly and family. Stay tuned. I can't wait for her to get back to doing her blogging. She's a funny story teller. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Friday, June 16, 2006


My dad passed away 40 years ago at a very crucial age for any child. I was fourteen and a half years old when he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. I watched him rally back for a while and then quickly go downhill. Our family held strong through the next six months and then the cancer took him away.

I had such a short time with him in my life. I remember that he always called me "cotton top" and "pumpkin". Words of love and affection for his little girl. He was a hard worker and a good family man.

I remember him being gone a lot when I was younger. He was a truck driver and would be gone for long periods of time on the road. But when he would come home he was home to stay....Until the next gig would come about. And then off he would go. During one of the times he was home I remember that I had come home from school upset that some bully at school had been making fun of me and calling me names. My dad said, "the next time he calls you a name, just take your fist and hit him right in the gut and when he bends over, hit him right over the head". Of course that didn't happen and that advise today would land you in my office for disciplinary measures.

Another time that stands out in my mind was when I was in elementary school and I came home from school and told my daddy that my tooth was loose. He always wanted to see how loose it was. And a couple of times he just yanked those loose teeth right out! Before I could bat an eye. He was quick.

One Christmas Eve he came home from work and had in his big coat pocket a very itsy bitsy puppy. It was so small. About the size of the palm of his hand. It was so adorable and we all fell in love. Especially my mom. She hadn't wanted anymore dogs when our other one had died but she sure became quickly attached to our little "Blackie". That was her name. She was a toy terrier and even as small as she would remain, she was still too big. She was over-fed and loved to pieces.

In my short life with my dad I remember such great things about him. He was kind and above all, a very loving family man. He loved his wife, my brother and his little girl. After all, he had been the one to name me. Both he and my sister. You see, we had and still do have a blended family. My other brothers and sisters were from a prior marriage my mom had. She was mom to all of us. My dad was their stepdad. They are my half-siblings but that was never stated in our house. My dad loved them as if they had been his very own.

I was blessed to have this wonderful man in my life. He has been gone for many years. But he remains so vividly clear in my mind as a respectful, loving human being who I feel was a model for me in helping me to choose my soulmate in later years.

So dad, on this Father's Day and all the rest to come, I hold you in high regard for the loving man and father that you were. And know that you are in my heart forever!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


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This photo was taken after these two had a diaper changing session. L.J. is fascinated with Gianna's curls.


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This picture was taken of Hailee on their way to graduation in from of their home.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Hailee with "cap & shirt".

Close-up of Hailee!
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Since Hailee is just five years old, she wore a cap and shirt with the logo of the center that she attends. She will be in kindergarden next September. The kindergardeners did wear a cap and gown and looked adorable. There were one group of Kindergardners and two groups of 5 year olds. They each had a program and the kids sang different songs. Of course Kelli and I were crying and had to distract ourselves to get back on target. But, it wasn't just us. There were a lot of mommies crying.

Hailee after graduation!

Hailee after graduation!
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We were standing outside of the auditorium after the ceremony. Mommy was ........ gees, I don't know. And daddy was wrestling with Gianna.

This was a purple day!

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Kelli & Gianna at hospital!

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This is a picture of Kelli and Gianna at the hospital in February during an episode of Rotavirus. Gianna was very ill as she was so dehydrated that she was having seizures. It was a scary event but we are pleased to advise that she is just as wild and crazy as ever.

Hailee and Gianna!

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My two beautiful girls posing for Easter Sunday. I'm using my camera phone to take this picture since I left my camera at home. But, aren't they just adorable? They make me so happy.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gianna on Easter Sunday!

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I wanted to share this darling picture of Gianna on Easter. She looked so adorable. She is 20 months old in his picture. She is pointing to some gel stick-ons on the glass.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


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Just L.J. being his silly little self! He is full of himself. A poser and very dramatic too!


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L.J. didn't waste any time getting into the groove of sticking his fingers into the cake and then right into the mouth.


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We celebrated L.J.'s first birthday today. His birthday is June 4th. But today was the perfect day for a party. Here is mommy Meghan and daddy John, Jr. It was a great day for a one year old. Lots of birthday cake and icing on mommy and L.J. But we waited a whole year to get to see him play in that cake.