Sunday, May 29, 2005

Third Post

It's been a busy few days. I haven't written in my blog for a while now. But, I have been kept up to date on the arrival of grandchild #3 and my other two darling granddaughters. Grandchild #3 has now presented himself and we are all wondering what in the heck he is waiting for. If he only knew the love that awaits him! I'm guessing that by next Friday, I will have a new grandchild, if not before then. My daughter-in-law is hanging in there. She is such a trooper. She has, amazingly, worked her entire pregnancy. I think that she should be commended for that. Not many women do work the entire time. I'm so proud of her. Her husband, my son, is one lucky guy!!!! They make the perfect couple and will make the perfect family when baby finally arrives.
My granddaughter, Hailee, spent last night with me. I'm so glad that she looks forward to the weekends and counts down until they come. I want to make the greatest memories for her. Ones that she will recall when shes older and can tell to her own children someday. She is such a fun little girl and loves life. She's all a grandmother could ever want in a granddaughter. I love her to pieces. And her sister, Gianna, oh well, she's gonna want to come to grandmom's house too onces she figures out that big sister is coming every weekend. What fun we will have. They are so precious to me.
Well, tomorrow is Memorial Day. A day to always remember. But also a day to picnic with family and friends. My friend, Mary, who lived next door to me for many years, moved back in December, to a larger home, to accommodate her elderly parents who now are residing with her. I really miss her but am very happy for her too and think that she and Rob are very special people to have taken on the responsibility of seeing that her parents are getting set now and preparing for the time when she will need to be close to them. Her parents are going to build on an addition to the home that Mary and Rob purchased, therefore making that addition, an in-law addition. Their home is so lovely now. I was there tonight and it is so peaceful that you can her the frogs, bugs and birds all doing their thing. The pool lit so beautifully, but so cold! Hopefully tomorrow will be a very warm day. A day to socialize with family and friends. I say family because Mary knows that I don't do too much without my own kids! My daughter Kelli, thinks that she should be invited to whatever I am invited too. My friends get a kick out of her. I remember the time she couldn't stand to be around me and now she loves being with me. Isn't it funny how times change everything. Seriously, I'm so glad she likes to spend time with me. And I am so glad that I have her as my daughter. She is the best! I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, kinder and loving daughter. Wow! I am so blessed.
Well, enough for tonight. Will post another day. Have a delightful Memorial Day!