Sunday, October 16, 2005


Seven Things I Love Most In The World:

1. Being a mother to John - Chad - Kelli
2. Being a grandmother to Hailee - Gianna - LJ
3. My faith - Believing/trusting in God
4. Having the support of family/friends
5. Coffee in the mornings
6. My king size bed
7. Carribean Cruises

Six Things That Annoy Me:

1. Attitude
2. Standing in long lines
3. Forgetting what you went to the store for
4. People who drive like jerks
5. Games people play
6. Nosiness

Five Favorite Drinks:

1. Coke
2. Peach Tea
3. Grande-decaef-skim-vanilla-add whip-latte!
4. Coffee
5. Fuzzy Navel

Four Special Dates In My Lifetime:
1. August 7, 1976
2. March 29, 1972
3. June 23, 1974
4. May 17, 1978

Three Favorite Animals:

1. Morris
2. Mittens
3. Skyler

Two Places You Would Love To Visit:

1. Europe or
2. Australia

One Thing I Wish I Had In My Life:

1. My late husband!

I copied after you Kelli Belly but only did half of the list and not in any order. I made up my own. It was fun cause I had to really think about some of them. One thing for sure. I bet you know who the most favorite people in my life are......don't ya? Couldn't live without them.

And Nicole....about the blogging comment. I think I will take your encouragement and do this for me. Who cares if anyone reads this or not. It just feels so good to put it "all out on the table" so to speak. It is amazing how much better one feels if they write it on paper or on the computer. It helps to clear the brain and focus better.

And oh yea. You can expect to hear more about my "new digs"! I like that saying, "new digs"! That was used by the lady I bought the condo from. She is in her 80's and we share the same birthday. She sent me a birthday card and in it asked me how I liked my "new digs"? I thought is was so cute. Especially coming from her. She is too cute.

Gotta go for a while. Cooking chicken and dumplings the southern way. Does anyone out there like chicken and dumplings? My family loves them. Ask either one about them and they would want a plate full then and there. They love them.



What a great list Mom! The chicken and dumplings were to die for! Can I come spend the night without the kids?

Tee said...

I've never been on a cruise but really want to. Any tips? Best ones?

By the things you love most I can tell you're blessed. That's great :)

Melinda said...

OMG i love Chicken and dumplings!! My mom alwasy made it for us growing up, it was the best on rainy snowy days!! HMMMM yummy!!
I think it is really cool your blogging and even cooler kelibelly got you into it! You must have a really special relationship!

Little Miss said...

I totally love chicken and dumplings! but nosiness annoys you? Perhaps I'll sign off now.

just kidding!
; )

Nicole said...

go mama go! I'll be back, because I'm nosy, even if it annoys you!

Anne said...

chicken and dumplings rule my world!

Anne said...

i am totally with you on coke, fuzzy navels I haven't had in a long time but you have inspired me, so thank you! :)

The Mom said...

Mmmm... chicken and dumplings. I'll have to try to make that sometime! It's so cute that you're blogging. You seem like a really cool mom! Congrats on the new digs!