Thursday, July 07, 2005


Well, its Thursday and the week is almost over. I'm so looking forward to the weekend. As you know now, I earlier told you about my moving status. My house has had three showings this week but no one has signed a contract yet. And to make matters worse, I haven't even had any feedback from my realtor. Hello......I sent him e-mail and called him and told him, "I NEED FEEDBACK"! Still haven't heard from him. He's probably really busy showing other properties or spending lots of time with that new girlfriend. I better hear from him soon. I am getting a little anxious.
Oh, by the way. There was suppose to be a showing this morning between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. So my son takes me into work and hangs out at his sisters and then decides to come home. Just about the time he comes home, the realtor shows up with the people who are looking at the house. So he invites them in and the guy said to my son, "this house isn't big enough for his dogs. He needs more property". So isn't it nice to know that some people base their needs on what they think their dogs needs are.
Somehow I don't think most people do that, but whatever!!!!!!

Some fun coming up for Saturday though. I will be babysitting my new grandson on Saturday. My son and daughter-in-law are going to a wedding and I will have the little darling from about 11:30 a.m. until midnight. Wow! I hope the little sugar lump eats well, pees and poops well, and last but not least, takes a few naps. He can be a little stinker at times I am told. Not too good of a sleeper at this point. I could say that he takes after his daddy and his mommy. He seems to know when mommy is not around. So, we will see. But, I do love holding him. If I were babysitting him permanently, I would never get anything done in the house. I just love to hold babies. He will be 5 weeks old on Saturday. Precious is all I can say.

All of you spirtual bloggers out there, please say a prayer for the selling of my house. Remember now, I settle on my condo on 8/1/05 so I need to sell this house a.s.a.p. Thanks.

Until next time.....peace to all.


KB said...

Yes Best Wishes with the sale of your house!
I'm snding (((house selling vibes))) your way :)

and Have fun sitting with your new baby grandson this weekend.

BJ said...

Thanks KB

Peanutt said...

I will pray for you three times a day!!!!
I hope you have fun with your little peanutt! And I'll also pray for many naps and no crying spells!! Have a great weekend!


Mom, I think you need to do something about your real estate guy. AS you know we'll be praying hard for the house to sell:0) I know it will. am.Wish we could buy it and keep it in the fam but I know God has bigger and better plans. Everything will work out perfectly. The way it's supposed to. LOVE YOU.

Anonymous said...

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