Thursday, May 26, 2005

Second Post

Hello everyone -

This is my second post. I lost my first post. Don't even ask me how I did that. I could not even begin to explain where in the heck it is. I guess in cyberspace. Last night I went back to my first post and tried to add on to what I had already written. It took me forever to get to the creat post and the next thing I know it isn't there anymore. Oh well. It's really okay. I'll just start over.

As I was saying, you will always see me writing about my children and grandchildren. I love them all dearly. They are truly my life. We are still awaiting the birth of my third grandchild. I think that "he" may be a bit stubborn. He doesn't want to leave his mommy's womb. If he could only know how excited we are to meet him. I keep thinking about this little darling and wondering how much he will be like either of his parents. They are both very attractive people, my son more on the quiet side and my daughter in law very soft spoken. We just want him to hurry and get here. We want to be able to hold him and smell the sweetness that babies emit. Their soft skin and the adorable sounds they make. All the things that bring back memories to the day that my son was born. Please hurry little one!

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