Monday, October 31, 2005


He's suppose to be the John 3rd. He looks like a baby to me. He'll have to know all of his nic-names. I still call him baby John. He is so adorable. His cousins, G & H really love him!

Thursday, October 20, 2005


It's that time of the year again when my friend Amy and I planned our last vacation. Last year we booked on the Royal Carribean - Adventures of the Sea - a seven day cruise to the islands. We put a deposit down in October and the balance was paid by Feb. 1st. We looked forward to the fast approaching sail date - April 24, 2005. We flew from BWI to San Juan and picked up our ship there. We sailed to a different island each day, got off the ship and shopped, shopped and shopped more! St. Thomas, St. Maartens, Barbados, St. Lucia, and I know I'm forgetting one or more, but the deals available on jewelry are astounding. I fell in love with the "blue diamonds". Never have seen anything prettier. So, I bought the ring and a pendant. Also bought a diamond bubble ring. Amy found a gorgeous ring too! She wears hers every day. It was a wonderful time.

A cruise is really well worth the money. The ship is like being in a city. The promenade was full of shops and places to eat. You could attend shows each night. The food was unbelievable. You were assigned tables in the dining room and could sit with the same people for breakfast and dinner if you so desired. Or if you were like us, we slept in late and ate elsewhere. There was always a place to eat. Any time of the day you could find food or room service.

I am totally sold on cruises. I really feel that you get everything you could possibly want at your finger tips. The shows that are preformed on the ships are so good. The musicians and actors are excellent and multi-talented. If you want to gamble a few bucks you can do that too in the casino. Of course, you have to be in international waters to do the gambling on the ship. If you want to dance all night you can do that too. There are a number of bars and different kinds of music. Whatever you want to do, a cruise can accommodate you. Do keep in mind that if you have little ones, they have many activities for them too. I'm not sure about infants, but school age children are encouraged to join in the fun. Each day is a different activity. There were over 600 children on the last cruise and honestly, I really didn't see that many kids. Let's not forget that Adventures of the Sea held over 3,000 people. Now, that's a lot of people. There were 60 (couples) newlyweds on the ship too. So you know that the ship was a rockin!

There were two or three pools on the ship. They had the family pool or you could go to the beautiful solarium area where there were quiet cozy areas to relax or jump in the hot tubs or be served your favorite tropical drink. That's where I liked to go. There were trees in huge pots and lots of shaded areas too. But if you wanted to sit in the sun you could do that too.

The weather in April was hot as HELL! I thought that by going at that time of the year we would have had gorgeous weather. Well, we were told that it had been unseasonably hot there. And oh boy, it was hot - hot - hot!!! Very tropical. And if you are going through menopause like me, you hate the heat! If you are young like Amy, you love the heat. Oh well, something for everyone!

At this time we are looking into cruising the Mediterrean. We're thinking that Europe would be a great place to go. It is a little more expensive, actually doubled the cost of going to the islands. So in the next few weeks I think we will make a decision. What to do!

Also, I forgot to add that if you like to indulge in a bit of alcohol, or love coke like we do, then expect to pay the tab. Pretty much everything else is covered with the cruise. You can buy a special plan for either of those two beverages. If you don't think it worth it, think again. Cokes on the ship or off of the ship are about $4.00 a can. We we shocked. But we drank a lot of coke!

I hope that you all will seriously consider doing a cruise one day. It will be a vacation that you will never forget. They treat you like royalty. And who doesn't like to be treated like that? Each night when you go back to your room to settle in, the, the, the, I can't think of his title, but he comes in your room, turns your sheets back, leaves the next days brochure, and makes a cute little animal out of your towels and leaves it on your bed or pillow. We decided to leave him something. We dressed up some pillows, with clothes, shoes, a hat and sunglasses. He loved it. He got us though. He made a monkey, out of towels, and hung it up on a hanger in the middle of the cabin. So when you walked in, all you could see was something hanging in the center of the room. It scared the crap out of both of us.

Honestly, I laughed so much and had so much fun. If you are worried about taking your little ones, you can always go on a Disney Cruise. I have heard that they are really great for the kids. And if you and your hubby are celebrating a special occasion and can get away for a week, leave the little dumplin's with grandmom/grandad. You'll have fun and so will the kids!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about all of this. If any of you have cruised to the islands or wherever, I'd love to hear what you have to say about your excursion.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Seven Things I Love Most In The World:

1. Being a mother to John - Chad - Kelli
2. Being a grandmother to Hailee - Gianna - LJ
3. My faith - Believing/trusting in God
4. Having the support of family/friends
5. Coffee in the mornings
6. My king size bed
7. Carribean Cruises

Six Things That Annoy Me:

1. Attitude
2. Standing in long lines
3. Forgetting what you went to the store for
4. People who drive like jerks
5. Games people play
6. Nosiness

Five Favorite Drinks:

1. Coke
2. Peach Tea
3. Grande-decaef-skim-vanilla-add whip-latte!
4. Coffee
5. Fuzzy Navel

Four Special Dates In My Lifetime:
1. August 7, 1976
2. March 29, 1972
3. June 23, 1974
4. May 17, 1978

Three Favorite Animals:

1. Morris
2. Mittens
3. Skyler

Two Places You Would Love To Visit:

1. Europe or
2. Australia

One Thing I Wish I Had In My Life:

1. My late husband!

I copied after you Kelli Belly but only did half of the list and not in any order. I made up my own. It was fun cause I had to really think about some of them. One thing for sure. I bet you know who the most favorite people in my life are......don't ya? Couldn't live without them.

And Nicole....about the blogging comment. I think I will take your encouragement and do this for me. Who cares if anyone reads this or not. It just feels so good to put it "all out on the table" so to speak. It is amazing how much better one feels if they write it on paper or on the computer. It helps to clear the brain and focus better.

And oh yea. You can expect to hear more about my "new digs"! I like that saying, "new digs"! That was used by the lady I bought the condo from. She is in her 80's and we share the same birthday. She sent me a birthday card and in it asked me how I liked my "new digs"? I thought is was so cute. Especially coming from her. She is too cute.

Gotta go for a while. Cooking chicken and dumplings the southern way. Does anyone out there like chicken and dumplings? My family loves them. Ask either one about them and they would want a plate full then and there. They love them.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Gees! I haven't posted in a while but I wanted to tell a very humbling story. Last week on Saturday July 23rd., Kelli, my two grandaughters and myself went to the grand opening of J M Jewelers. They recently opened in Bel Air and we went there for me to "dig for the treasure". Kelli and my DIL had gone the day before and dug and had both gotten lovely gemstones. The setting was perfect. A treasure chest filled with sand, watch batteries and gemstones! What I was actually digging with was a long handle slotted apparatus that the sand would slowly sift through. Anyway, I made the first scoop and ended up with nil. So, Jose said, "you need to dig again". So, because I like to be told what to do and follow directions so nicely, I proceeded to dig toward the back and side, deep I might add, and while I was doing that, Jose said, "you've got the diamond, you've got the diamond", in his Spanish accent. I said, "I've got the diamond?" I hadn't even brought up the scoop yet. But, as the sand so slowly slid through the slots in the scoop, I was beginning to see the outline of a little box or something. The box came into clear view and Jose grabbed the box from the scoop and was loudly saying, "you got the diamond". I saw the word "diamond" written on the side of the little box. Well, from then on I was no more good. All I could do was cry. Everyone that was in the store was clapping and congratulating me and I just kept right on crying. My mascara and nose were both running. I needed a kleenex so badly and someone did find something for me.
Now, let me tell you about the diamond! It is very beautiful. It is approximately three-quarters of a carat. It has so much sparkle in it. It is beautifully cut, solitaire. I was told that it has a few natural occlusions in it. That doesn't matter one bit to me. I can't see them and I'm darn sure that no one else can either. After meandering around the store for several hours in a daze, I finally was able to pull myself together and find a setting to put the diamond in. I can't wait to pick up the finished product. It is going to be a beauty. The setting is very beautiful with an antique flair. The sides of the ring have small diamonds set in rose gold. It is a very unique ring. I am very happy with the setting that I chose. I can't wait to put it on my finger. And, Kelli knows that someday that ring is gonna be hers! And you know what she said? "I can't wait"! I hope that she will pass it along to my grandaughters someday too. And I hope that she will provide them with the story when she feels that one of them is responsible enough to wear the ring. Hopefully, thats a ways down the road. I want to be able to wear the ring and tell the story myself.
I am so blessed in my life. I'd like to think that "Bob" had something to do with my getting that ring. He always wanted me to have a "better" diamond. But then again, Mary said that God is in control and he just gave me a kiss! Whatever the one, I thank God that he has given me my children, my grandchildren (all three of them) and wonderful friends. The blessings all come from you.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Does anyone else feel like I do? When Sunday night comes I start feeling somewhat droopy or is it dopey? The weekends are just too short! I wish that I could work four ten hour days. I think that I might like that better. But maybe not either. Maybe I just need to retire. Yea, you think? Well guess what? I can't yet. I still have ions to go. So much for that thought.

As you all know, I was taking care of L.J. on Saturday. He is five weeks old now. He was so well behaved that I just can't stand it. He didn't cry but he did make a few snorts. He does that you know. Never remember any of mine doing that, but that's okay too. He's entitled to do what he wants. Anyway, I was with him from around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday until about 2:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. The wedding that my dil was in went beautifully she said. And she and my son had a really good time. Of course they missed having L.J. with them. But it gave them a break too. I held him so much. Feed him alot too. As he drinks a lot of milk. At one feeding, he went through the 3 ounces and wanted more so I gave him 3 more. Little piggy! I also gave him a bath. He didn't cry but did a little whimper when I picked up his naked little body and put him in the sling on the little bath tub. But I talked to him the whole time and told him everything that I was doing. He is very responsive. He does a lot of cooing now and looks directly into your eyes. I still don't remember my children doing that so soon. I think that the babies today arrive being so much more alert that ours did. Is that possible? I'd like to hear some comments on that one. Then, I dried him off and put his diaper and one piece snap up little thingy on him, wrapped him in a nice blanket and he went fast asleep. He really liked his bath. At least that's what I think and we'll leave it at that! My son came home earlier in the evening, I'd say around 11:00 p.m. He works for a large corporation and had to be back at work very early this morning. So, he went right up to bed. I have to admit though, I did doze off quite a few times. But never fell asleep soundly. My dil came in around 2:30 a.m. and was dragging. I can only imagine that she was very tired. Especially since L.J. doesn't allow them to get much sleep during the night. He likes to sleep during the day and finds that he enjoys be wakeful during the night. She did say the wedding was beautiful (her best friend), and she had a great time. She missed L.J. She smathered him with kisses and picked him up. He was waking around that same time. Minutes later I decided that I would leave and come home to my most comfortable king size bed. I love that bed. So, I guess that around 3:00 a.m. or 3:15 a.m. I probably feel asleep. Didn't wake until around 9:00 a.m. this morning. Then the rest of the day went as usual. It was a wonderful experience and I loved every minute of taking care of him. He is truly precious and I feel so blessed in so many ways. Well, I better sign off for now. You all come back now you hear?

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Well, its Thursday and the week is almost over. I'm so looking forward to the weekend. As you know now, I earlier told you about my moving status. My house has had three showings this week but no one has signed a contract yet. And to make matters worse, I haven't even had any feedback from my realtor. Hello......I sent him e-mail and called him and told him, "I NEED FEEDBACK"! Still haven't heard from him. He's probably really busy showing other properties or spending lots of time with that new girlfriend. I better hear from him soon. I am getting a little anxious.
Oh, by the way. There was suppose to be a showing this morning between 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. So my son takes me into work and hangs out at his sisters and then decides to come home. Just about the time he comes home, the realtor shows up with the people who are looking at the house. So he invites them in and the guy said to my son, "this house isn't big enough for his dogs. He needs more property". So isn't it nice to know that some people base their needs on what they think their dogs needs are.
Somehow I don't think most people do that, but whatever!!!!!!

Some fun coming up for Saturday though. I will be babysitting my new grandson on Saturday. My son and daughter-in-law are going to a wedding and I will have the little darling from about 11:30 a.m. until midnight. Wow! I hope the little sugar lump eats well, pees and poops well, and last but not least, takes a few naps. He can be a little stinker at times I am told. Not too good of a sleeper at this point. I could say that he takes after his daddy and his mommy. He seems to know when mommy is not around. So, we will see. But, I do love holding him. If I were babysitting him permanently, I would never get anything done in the house. I just love to hold babies. He will be 5 weeks old on Saturday. Precious is all I can say.

All of you spirtual bloggers out there, please say a prayer for the selling of my house. Remember now, I settle on my condo on 8/1/05 so I need to sell this house a.s.a.p. Thanks.

Until next time.....peace to all.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


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Oops, I think I deleted you before. Anyway, you look so cute holding the bear. Oh, what a good deed you did. Picture to prove it!

Mom-Mom and Baby John

Mom-Mom and Baby John
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Mom-mom rocking baby John in the hospital room. Look like I'm really enjoying it, don't I?


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Look at her angelic face! She is such a darling. Looks just like her daddy too!

Monday, July 04, 2005


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This is a picture of Baby John III or L.J as some of us will call him. He is posing in his sheep chair. Isn't he a darling? Please come back to my blog for more pictures of the grandchildren. You will see candid shots of the three of them and also family members. Kelli - the great blogess, posts great shots of the kids. I am hopeful that I can figure this all out!


Well, as I ended my last post I told you that I had much more news to update you with. After coming back from the Southern Carribean from a cruise on May 1st., I got a call from an old neighbor who said that there was a vacant condo above her in her building. Now, this neighbor, who lived directly next door to me, sold her single family home to her son and his wife two years ago. Over the past couple of years since my husband passed away, I have looked off and on at condo's. My late husband always told me that "you don't have to make any decision's hastily". "Take your time". So, I looked not really too interested in anything. Most of the ones that I looked at seemed so small to me. Almost like living in an apartment. And too, realizing that I will have to get rid of a lot of stuff to fit in any condo. But, this time I guess the timing was much better. My friend had the keys to the condo, and invited me over to look at it. I really, really liked it. It is on the third floor with a loft. But when you walk in, the room is 33 ft. long. It has cathedral ceilings and since my home has that it became more interesting to me. It is two bedroom, two bath with loft. The loft is so neat. It has a huge walk-in closet. In fact, the entire condo has adequate closets which is a meaningful thing to me. Most of the newer condo's have so little closet space, that for me coming from a single family home, I need room! So, I decided that I would take the kids over to look at it with me. My oldest son and his wife couldn't make it cause she was going to the hospital to be induced. But, all in all, they liked it. They want me to be happy. And they know that I am independent. I am not ready for assisted living or moving in with any of my kids and their families. I want to have my own living quarters. It is a bitter-sweet situation. The kids grew up in the house that I am selling. So you know, they have ties here too. But financially I really need to sell at this time. The market is good, and I am hoping to do well on the sale. Buying the condo is not contigent with selling my house. It is on the market and I have had two scheduled showings. One actually yesterday. That surprised me since it is the holiday weekend. I guess it doesn't matter if you are looking for a house. My son Chad, who was living in Georgia, has been here visiting with me since Christmas. Boy, have I ever loved having him here! He has been so helpful doing all kinds of things trying to get my house ready for the sale. We have packed up a lot of boxes. You know what is difficult? Trying to pack up, keep your house in order for showing, and living there. I couldn't have done this along. I am so thankful that he is here to help me.

Well, now you know. Lots of things going on for me. Hey, say a prayer for me that my house sells quickly and that all goes well. Thanks. And listen, if you have information to give regarding moving, please respond. Until the next time.......bye for now.

Friday, July 01, 2005


Well, I haven't blogged in quite a while. So much has happened since the last post. The long awaited arrival of grandchild #3 finally happened. The little darling arrived on June 4th and weighed in at 7 lbs. 13.5 ounces. He was a long one; I believe 22 inches long. Wow! No wonder he had such a hard time leaving mommies womb! After 24 hours plus in labor, and only dilating up to 5, they decided at 11:00 p.m on June 3rd. that it was time to do something. So baby John, III was taken by ceserean and arrived at 12:20 p.m. on June 4th. Daddy wasn't able to be in the room when they did the operation, but as soon as baby John arrived they wisked him through the doors to see his daddy for the first time. Mommy was in la-la land. Baby John got to see her later.

All is well now. Daddy, mommy and baby are settling in and doing quite well. Daddy just went back to work and mommy is left "holding the baby", so to speak. Meghan is really a natural. She is very relaxed and low keyed. Daddy is a "mr. mom". He can do it all too. Baby John is so lucky to have these parents and the great family that he has. His cousins, especially Hailee, just adores him. She couldn't wait to place her "clean" hands on his little ears. Afterall, she has an ear fettish. That runs in our family too. Gianna, on the other hand, is only 10 months old, and still wants mommy and tries to pull mommies clothes off if she's near when mommie is holding baby John. Gianna is a little wild girl. She's a cutie though.

Well, I'm excited because tomorrow I am going to give baby John his first real bath. He has had many sponge baths but tomorrow mom-mom gets to give him his first real one. I know he'll scream and cry and turn red and hold his breath. He'll do all of those things. But thats okay. He'll be fine. After that's done, I'll dry him, and wrap him in swaddling clothes and hold him in my arms. And plant baby kisses all over his beautiful little face.
I really and truly believe that my grandchildren are the most precious little things in the world. Sometimes I could pinch myself. I just wonder how I could have gotten so lucky to have my own children and then on top of that, three gorgeous darlings!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Third Post

It's been a busy few days. I haven't written in my blog for a while now. But, I have been kept up to date on the arrival of grandchild #3 and my other two darling granddaughters. Grandchild #3 has now presented himself and we are all wondering what in the heck he is waiting for. If he only knew the love that awaits him! I'm guessing that by next Friday, I will have a new grandchild, if not before then. My daughter-in-law is hanging in there. She is such a trooper. She has, amazingly, worked her entire pregnancy. I think that she should be commended for that. Not many women do work the entire time. I'm so proud of her. Her husband, my son, is one lucky guy!!!! They make the perfect couple and will make the perfect family when baby finally arrives.
My granddaughter, Hailee, spent last night with me. I'm so glad that she looks forward to the weekends and counts down until they come. I want to make the greatest memories for her. Ones that she will recall when shes older and can tell to her own children someday. She is such a fun little girl and loves life. She's all a grandmother could ever want in a granddaughter. I love her to pieces. And her sister, Gianna, oh well, she's gonna want to come to grandmom's house too onces she figures out that big sister is coming every weekend. What fun we will have. They are so precious to me.
Well, tomorrow is Memorial Day. A day to always remember. But also a day to picnic with family and friends. My friend, Mary, who lived next door to me for many years, moved back in December, to a larger home, to accommodate her elderly parents who now are residing with her. I really miss her but am very happy for her too and think that she and Rob are very special people to have taken on the responsibility of seeing that her parents are getting set now and preparing for the time when she will need to be close to them. Her parents are going to build on an addition to the home that Mary and Rob purchased, therefore making that addition, an in-law addition. Their home is so lovely now. I was there tonight and it is so peaceful that you can her the frogs, bugs and birds all doing their thing. The pool lit so beautifully, but so cold! Hopefully tomorrow will be a very warm day. A day to socialize with family and friends. I say family because Mary knows that I don't do too much without my own kids! My daughter Kelli, thinks that she should be invited to whatever I am invited too. My friends get a kick out of her. I remember the time she couldn't stand to be around me and now she loves being with me. Isn't it funny how times change everything. Seriously, I'm so glad she likes to spend time with me. And I am so glad that I have her as my daughter. She is the best! I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, kinder and loving daughter. Wow! I am so blessed.
Well, enough for tonight. Will post another day. Have a delightful Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Second Post

Hello everyone -

This is my second post. I lost my first post. Don't even ask me how I did that. I could not even begin to explain where in the heck it is. I guess in cyberspace. Last night I went back to my first post and tried to add on to what I had already written. It took me forever to get to the creat post and the next thing I know it isn't there anymore. Oh well. It's really okay. I'll just start over.

As I was saying, you will always see me writing about my children and grandchildren. I love them all dearly. They are truly my life. We are still awaiting the birth of my third grandchild. I think that "he" may be a bit stubborn. He doesn't want to leave his mommy's womb. If he could only know how excited we are to meet him. I keep thinking about this little darling and wondering how much he will be like either of his parents. They are both very attractive people, my son more on the quiet side and my daughter in law very soft spoken. We just want him to hurry and get here. We want to be able to hold him and smell the sweetness that babies emit. Their soft skin and the adorable sounds they make. All the things that bring back memories to the day that my son was born. Please hurry little one!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


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Here I am, Yep that's right, KELLIBELLYS mama!

Monday, May 23, 2005

First Post

This is my "first post", so I am a little nervous. My daughter, Kelli Belly, encouraged me to start blogging. I think that blogging is a great way to express oneself! My late husband always encouraged me to keep a diary, but I was always resistant. But, it is never to late to start blogging so here I am.
First of all I must say that you will here me talk over and over again about my children, grandchildren and friends. They are the things that really make me happy. I have been blessed over the years with so much. But, the real purpose for my being is the fact that I now have grandchildren. They are even better than your own children and that is hard to believe!
My oldest granddaughter is 4.5 years old. She counts down the days of the week until the weekend and then says to me, "I can spend the night, right mom-mom?" She always seems to know how many days are left before she can spend the night. And of course, I think she is just toooooooooooooooo smart! She likes to sleep in mom-mom's big king size bed. Someday, all three of the little darlings will be spending the night with me and sleeping in mom-mom's big bed! And I am so looking forward to that!